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Online Travel Agent (OTA) Calculator Work out the real cost of distributing through OTAs

Want to know how much you could really save with direct traffic and bookings on your site? Find out in just 60 seconds with our free OTA calculator, and see how you and your hotel can benefit with direct bookings today.


Total Annual OTA Spend

Lost in annual room ADR

Moving 10% of your OTA bookings to direct bookings (@10% CPA) saves

More than you thought?

We’re Here to Help

Reduce your dependence on OTAs for increased revenue and customer ownership with a comprehensive hotel marketing strategy. We analyse your hotel audience and build campaigns that drive direct bookings at great CPA’s and high ROI’s.


These Hotels Saved More Using UP’s OTA Calculator

These savvy hoteliers saved money spent on OTAs and got more direct bookings using our brand new calculator – you can, too!