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Win With Email Marketing At UP Hotel Agency

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Email marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. Current statistics show that more than 8 out of 10 people will open a welcome email, generating 4x as many opens and 10x as many clicks as other email types.

Here at UP Hotel Agency, we are able to carry you through the whole process from building the email sign-ups software, promoting sign-ups, to creating and implementing full email campaigns to drive conversions.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your email marketing.

Email Purpose

Having a clear strategy from the beginning will help in obtaining sign-ups and keeping people from unsubscribing. Potential readers need to know exactly what they are in for when they sign up to your mailing list. The purpose of your email marketing could come under one of the items listed below:- 

Incentivise Sign-ups with the added bonus of a Case Study

Increasing your mailing list can be hard so we’ve put together some ideas to help incentivise sign-ups. 

Case Study: Point A Hotels

Point Hotels have taken email sign-ups to another level. By signing up to their site with your email address and a password you get a bunch of benefits across all hotels, perfect for multi-property brands. 

Contact us to get your sign-up form set up too! 

Push to potential readers

Now that you have your incentives you need to be strategic in the ways you get the email sign-up form infront of potential consumers. There are many different avenues you may go down to do this, here are some of our favourites:-

Make sure that whatever avenue you decide to go down, you clearly list exactly what the consumer will get in return for a sign-up and how it will benefit them.

Welcome Email

Now that you have your mailing list, it’s very important to send out a welcome email. This is a great way to really introduce your brand and what you can do for potential consumers. Some people may not fully understand your brand or what you offer, so this is a great chance for you to really promote yourself and push potential customers to convert.

A welcome email can be automatically sent as soon as someone signs up to your mailing list regardless as to if you’re launching a separate emails campaign.

So, how do you structure a welcome email?

We have put together a winning formula to keep subscribers engaged to reduce the risk of unsubscribers.

First you need to make sure your welcome email is relevant to your overall strategy goals. If you are focusing on providing discounts and offers, make sure the theme of the email fits that by a). Providing an offer displayed very clearly, b). Explaining they will get an offer every x day/weeks/months and C) having graphics to match that.

So, how do you structure a winning welcome email?

First, you need to say thank you to the new subscriber. Make them feel special and let them know how grateful you are.

This should be done in a few sentences. Be clear and to the point. What do you offer and why will it benefit the potential consumer

If you aim to regularly post offers, you must state that so people won’t mark you as spam. Give them incentives to stay  by explaining exactly what they will get. 

If you gave an incentive to get the sign-ups. You need to deliver what you have to offer here without too much fluff. If you offered a discount code, put it here. If you offered a document/resource, have a download button here. They are likely to click on this right away which is why you need to get your point across above this. 

Have hyperlinks and icons which link straight to any social media, contact forms and the website URL. Become as accessible as possible. 

You should now be all set to push out campaigns as and when you like.

Sounds complicated or you just don’t have time to work with all the moving parts? We can help with that! Contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

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Win With Email Marketing At UP Hotel Agency
Written by

Evie Wainwright