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What Business Travellers Value The Most In a Hotel

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Business travellers represent a key segment in the big spenders category that can contribute to half of a hotel’s revenue. How can you cater to business travellers and turn them into loyal repeat guests? It’s simple; give them what they want! The following suggestions represents a broad spectrum of feedback from business travellers and should give hoteliers an idea of what to focus on if they wish to attract business travellers and also what they should list on their executive room or business facilities pages on their website. The great thing is that this is not limited to strictly “business” hotels. Many guests that are travelling for business don’t require extensive conference or meeting rooms as they are meeting clients at their offices. What they value most may be the simple things such as enough power points in their room, an iron to press their cloths before a big presentation or black-out curtains so they can get some sleep after a long flight.

A Generous Supply of Plug Points & Other Room Amenities

Most business travellers use a laptop, tablet and one or more phones and all of these need to be charged and ready to go in the morning. Therefore at least 4 or more plug points are a necessity. Make sure you have the same number of plug adaptors for your international business guests and grouping the plug points around the bed and desk adds convenience. A decent size rubbish bin, silent fridge,  microwave and kettle all make a business travellers stay a pleasure.

A Desk, Fast WIFI & AV Equipment

For many business travellers work doesn’t stop once they return to their hotel room and trying to work from bed or with your laptop balanced on your knees can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. Therefore a desk is godsend when you need to put the polishing touches on your big presentation for the next day or set up a Skype video call with a client or your family back home. Of course the WIFI should be free and fast. The A/V equipment in the room should easily connect to modern travelers’ devices and should not require an advanced degree to get working.

A Comfortable Sofa & Laptop Safe

Business can be exhausting and after a long day there’s nothing like kicking back on the sofa and unwinding in front of the TV. The sofa should be comfortable and big enough to stretch out on. The safe should be at least big enough to fit a laptop and a bonus is a power point in the safe so that it is fully charged when you get back to your room.

Adequate Lighting (especially in the closet)

It’s important for business travellers to look good and therefore good lighting is a must. This is especially important in the closet as you need to be able to tell the difference between navy blue and black or there could be an embarrassing moment under the bright lights of the boardroom.

Iron & Ironing Board Or Laundry Service

No matter how well you pack your shirts and suits will emerge a little worse for wear. An iron & ironing board in the room or a rapid turnaround laundry service will help keep business travellers looking their best.

Onsite Gym or Fitness Centre

Staying on track with their fitness goals can be one of the greatest challenges for business travellers. The possibility of a quick workout and a chance to burn off the days stress at your 24hr or early open/late close gym makes all the difference for many travellers.

Healthy Onsite Eating Options

When you are focused our your work the last thing you may feel like is leaving the hotel and trying to find a restaurant that offers a selection of tasty and healthy food. A quick and healthy bite to eat in the hotels restaurant and you can get back to the business at hand. Many business travellers may also use the restaurant or coffee bar at the hotel to meet with clients and so there should be a few seating options that give a small measure of privacy. Breakfast should be served well into the late morning as business guests may not feel like having to wake up early in the morning just to make sure they don’t miss breakfast.

Business Centre

Even if your hotel does not have full meeting and conference facilities it should at least have a well equipped business centre. The totally paperless office is not yet a reality and so many business travelers value a printer/fax/copier and complimentary WIFI.

24hr Concierge & Excellent Guest Services

Business professionals appreciate the local knowledge of the concierge and often comment on the service they receive at the hotel. Therefore the treatment should be top notch and keeping business travellers waiting for extended periods can be very frustrating. An all day cleaning service can be very helpful if you will be working in your room for part of the day.

Sightseeing & Shopping Opportunities

Often business travellers will have some down time to visit at least some of the popular attractions or do some shopping for the family and friends and so the concierge should be ready to advise guests what is possible in the time that they have. i.e. if you have one or two hours then do this and if you have half a day then try visit these attractions.

Good Travel Connections

A hotel should be easily reached from most major airports or rail services and offering a shuttle service can help business travellers to focus on their business while the concierge ensures they get to their destination on time.

A Good Nights Sleep

A comfortable bed, black out curtains and a soundproof room as are all a must of you are going to get a good nights sleep. After a long flight the last thing you need is continuous calls from the front desk or housekeeping knocking on your door. So a do not disturb sign on the door and a notification at the front desk to not bother you until a certain time can help.


Many business travellers have a certain budget they have work with and may have to pay extra charges out of their own pockets. So make sure your business rooms are priced within that range and extra charges are kept at a minimum or clearly itemised on the bill.

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What Business Travellers Value The Most In a Hotel
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