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Top 5 tips for optimizing Hotels on Twitter for SEO

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Social Networks and websites are becoming ever more apparent within the search landscape. It’s a fact that relevant content provided by such sites are demanding more space within the organic search result listings. This provides an important opportunity for hotel owners, who regularly struggle amongst a raft of competitors for essential organic rankings.

Hoteliers need to be proactive in reacting this trend and ensuring that maximum SEO benefits can be achieved by structuring Twitter pages in the best way possible.

Just to clarify, the post is NOT suggesting that hoteliers should use Twitter solely as a means of improving SEO. Doing this would be very damaging to the brand, achieve little in terms of results and could be dangerous. Also, think about it, of what use would it be to receive a raft of disappointed visitors to your page?

Rather the following 5 tips should help hotels who are thinking of obtaining a twitter page, or who want to optimize a current twitter page to use best practice SEO techniques to improve their exposure online:

  1. Twitter Name: Make use of SEO friendly keywords in your twitter name (include your hotel name – try not to shorten your name, make sure you use the name most commonly used /searched, also consider using the word “hotel(s)” and/or Location)
  2. Try to use keywords in the More Info URL
  3. Make sure that the online bio features some relevant keywords that potential guests would use to search for your hotel (please don’t keyword stuff, make content flow, readable and useful, but don’t be naive to utilizing good keywords within text – much like good SEO copy)
  4. Be sure to write relevant content in your tweets featuring a range of keywords related to your specific hotel / location / services etc
  5. Build a good set of links with hotel guests, useful resources and add to the community by tweeting valuable information.

It’s important that hotels use the new social channels available to them wisely. Be aware that the content you feed is going direct to to real people. Try not to “over-sell” your product. Make content interesting and try to also provide utility to your followers.

Article by David Ohandjanian

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Top 5 tips for optimizing Hotels on Twitter for SEO
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UP Hotel Agency

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