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Social Media Optimization (SMO) Misconceptions

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The following post will just answer a few popular questions and misconceptions about social media optimization. The two things that you should always remember is that Social Media is about people and also you need to have a good strategy to be successful.  Hopefully this quick fire post should provide and interesting read…

Social Media is Free

Wrong! It may be free to sign-up to the various websites and channels, but Social Media requires a lot of time.  To put together a strategy and regularly update channels effectively, Social Media requires dedicated “owner” who needs to set aside a portion of each day / week to keep up to date.  A lot of companies are now employing a person or a team to fulfill this role.  Also monitoring Social Media activity can incur cost.

Social Media Marketing can’t be measured

It can! In your strategy, try to set out KPI’s and objectives and then measure them, it’s as simple as that.  A good business descision and investment will always be beased around measuring the success social media optimization (SMO) is no different.  Already, there are a whole host of tool available to measure the effects/results of Social Media online.  Also, don’t forget to monitor any positive effects on referral and organic traffic.

Social Media Optimization and Marketing is Easy

If you agree with this statement, let me know the secret please! To implement a successful strategy takes a lot of planning, effort and conviction.  Monitor you returns and make sure that you are getting result from the time invested long term.  Most of all be patient, although there is a lot of hype, it can take months to get great results from these new channels.  As your experience and fanbase grows, you will notice a positive spike in performance and increased success.

Social Media Optimization is just a fad

Social Media is here to stay.  Social Media Optimization is now an essential part of a successful online strategy.  If your company/team does not have the skill set in-house, then don’t be afraid to use an expert.  The SMO expert should work with your team to carefully craft a custom Social Media plan that works with your team and also targets your customer base or intended demographic.


About the author: David Ohandjanian works as an Internet Marketing consultant specializing in Hotel Internet Marketing.  David has over 10 years experience helping companies globally to achieve successful marketing campaigns online that provide results.  He specializes in emerging technologies and has a cutting edge knowledge of Social Media Optmization, SEO and latest Paid Search (PPC)  techniques.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) Misconceptions
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