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Review Your Hotel Website's Mobile Usability

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Not only is the size of mobile phones screens growing at an amazing pace but so is their usage. While you may be confident that your hotel website works well on the traditional desktop, does it work across the plethora of mobile devices? This can be quite a daunting task and fortunately Google Webmasters has made it that much easier. The new Mobile Usability tab under Search Traffic in Google Webmasters gives you valuable information into any issues your website might have with mobile devices. google webmaster mobile issues

So what do these errors mean?

Viewport not configured – A viewport scales the page to the correct size for mobile browsers. This helps the browser on the mobile to render the website for maximum usability. You don’t want some text to be massive while other text in so tiny that you have to zoom in.

Touch elements too close – Make sure your links and buttons are far enough apart. If your links and buttons are too close together your finger will be just too big to accurately select the right element.

Small font size – Make sure all font sizes comply with mobile usability standards. You don’t want users to have to pinch to zoom all other your webpage just so that they can read the text.

Flash usage – These pages include Flash content that cannot be viewed on mobile devices. Many mobile devices such as the millions of Apple devices have ZERO support for Flash.

Fixed-width Viewport – Make sure your viewport supports a fluid layout, so that pages can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

Content not sized to viewport – Make sure your pages don’t require horizontal scrolling to view completely. While vertical scrolling is the norm, horizontal scrolling is a definite no-no. Make sure that your page content reflows correctly so that its width is not greater than the width of the mobile device’s screen.

This video by Pete LePage does a great job of explaining the need for responsive design on your hotel website.  

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Review Your Hotel Website's Mobile Usability
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