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Hotels using Adwords should consider "Review Extensions"

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Why use review extensions for your hotel?

Simply put, you can command more “ad real estate” for your paid search ads and also add immediate credibility to your hotel by quoting the reputable source a great review. Reviews and hotels go hand in hand and with so many people offering conflicting reviews on sites like Tripadvisor it’s easy to get mixed messages.

A potential guest may well jump at the chance to read a review from a trusted source. Of course the hotel can control the link the the review so direct the guest to a positive review leaving the reader in with a positive outlook and higher propensity to book. In most cases the user will not have the need to read the full review and simply read from the snippet that you provide in the Adwords Ad copy. This may well be enough to differentiate your hotel from the competition and point a potential guest in your direction.

Adwords Review Extension

101 Guide:

What can my hotel use in the review extension?

The review snippets are defined by the hotel and can be a summary or direct quote. It’s important to make sure that your hotel has permission to use the review.

Is the publication name in the advert a link?

Yes, the name in blue will link to the publishers site allowing the review to be verified. However, the hotel will will not be charged for any clicks to the publishers website.

What is the character limit on Review Extensions?

There is a total character limit of 67, which includes the name of the publisher, so you need to be brief.

What’s to stop the hotel from abusing this extension?

You can be sure that Google will make every effort to ensure that the extension isn’t abused and full of bogus sites and reviews. Google’s policy states that the review must come from the “reputable 3rd party source” and that it will verify links with a mix of “automated and human-based systems. In short, keep it real and respectable.

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Article by David Ohandjanian

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Hotels using Adwords should consider "Review Extensions"
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