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4 Trends Taking the Hotel Industry by Storm

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Working in the hotel internet marketing industry, staying on top of the hotel trends is vital! We often hear from others that what we do is not rocket science, well they’re right…it’s much harder! At least when working as a rocket scientist you are working on a static project with a limited number of variables, the hotel marketing industry however is in a constant state of change!

We have come up with 4 exciting new hotel trends that we think will continue to grow. 

The Food

With competition in the hotel industry ever increasing, hotels are now looking for a new way to set them apart. The pressure is now on as hotels are not only looking to provide the best service and rooms, they are now also all fighting to have the best Chef in their restaurant. The Athenaeum have the Galvin Brothers, The Mandarin Oriental has Heston and The Berkley has got Marcus Wareing. More and more people are choosing to dine ‘in house’ and therefore gone are the days when having a decent hotel restaurant was adequate. 

Meal At Galvin at The Athenaeum

The Environment

The last few years have shown that it is in fact green that is the new black! We now live in an era where the cars are electric and recycling is deemed as cool. But how does this affect the hotel industry? Unfortunately now-a-days it takes a little more than re-using an old towel to deem a hotel eco friendly! Hotels are now introducing all sorts of initiatives to improve their green footprint. Qbic Hotel London has been named as the greenest hotel in London with their electricity being generated by solar panel and having showers that cleverly mix in air to reduce water use!

Toiletries at Qbic London

The Tech

Whilst we are still living in an age where the world is still predominantly run by mankind, some hotels are testing this by the introduction of robots and technology into the experience for guests. It is becoming increasingly more popular for hotels to provide tablets to guests where they are able not only able to control all room functions (blinds, lights, the TV) but the tablets are also used as digital concierge services. Guests are now able to order room service, check out what’s going on in the hotel and book the restaurant all from this super handy tablet. For some hotel’s though this isn’t enough, in 2015 Japan successfully pulled off a hotel run solely by Robots…! Call us old fashioned but this is perhaps a step too far and nothing can beat the personal touch of being welcomed at the door by a human!

The robot hotel in Japan

The Imagination

Have you ever dreamt of falling asleep completely suspended in the air or even down under the water amongst the fishes? Some Hotels have started seeking change in the concept of their spaces, after all, there is something about four walls and a ceiling that is so last year ! Tree Hotel is a German hotel like no other! You have the choice of 7 different rooms, but there is no deciding between the deluxe and the suite here! These rooms range from The Mirror cube, an entirely unique perfect cube created completely out of mirrored glass and hidden in the centre of the German forest right to The UFO. The UFO is what it says on the tin really! It is literally a space for 5 adults to stay encompassed in a huge UFO!

The Mirror Cube at Tree Hotel

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4 Trends Taking the Hotel Industry by Storm
Written by

Owain Powell