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Learning From Lockdown: A Survival Guide For Your Hotel

Learning From Lockdown: A Survival Guide For Your Hotel
Tristan Theron
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With a second national lockdown here in the United Kingdom, it can be incredibly difficult to judge what next steps you should take for your hotel. 

As experts in hospitality and hotel digital marketing, UP Hotel Agency has learned more than ever before about the industry during the coronavirus outbreak – here we share our ultimate advice for your hotel or hospitality business to stay afloat under government restrictions.

1. Make Your Opening Times Crystal Clear Online

Ensure your online presence reflects your current status.

Update your Google Business Listing to reflect your current opening hours, and which offerings are still available.

2. Don’t Lose Out To Online Travel Agents

Don’t pause your online ads – this allows the OTAs to gain any bookings made during the lockdown period!

Instead, change your bidding method to maximise clicks, set a very low maximum CPC and very low daily budget.

Set up a remarketing list to target these visitors and promote bookings once your hotel is open again.

3. Make Your Messaging On Your Website Loud And Clear

Clearly indicate your status on your website. Use a Sweetnr banner or a link to your latest hotel Covid-19 information page. State which parts of the hotel are still open and which are closed (for instance, your restaurant might still be open, while your gym or pool is closed), and when you plan to open again. 

Create a clear, bold message that you are planning to open from December 2nd or as soon as possible afterward (be sure to make it stand out so that visitors to your site cannot miss it if they tried!) 

Encourage potential guests to continue to book, using either a free cancellation rate, a special discount for bookings made during lockdown, or even a ‘Pay Now, Pick Your Dates Later’ voucher scheme.

4. Answer Your Guests’ Questions Before They Even Have To Ask

Update your FAQ page with the latest information regarding cancellations, rescheduling, and bookings. 

This will be especially useful if your staff are currently furloughed or if you will have limited staff on hand during the lockdown period, as your visitors will always be able to find the information they need at any given time.

5. Don’t Take Your Foot Off The Gas!

Analyse your typical booking window, and plan to ramp up your marketing activities so that guests can book from the date that you reopen.

Be proactive! Choose a welcoming approach to your messaging – “We hope to reopen on December 2nd” works wonderfully – and begin marketing activities within this booking window. This makes more sense than waiting until December 2nd and risking low occupancies, or worse – an empty hotel.

Like what you see?

Need a new hotel website for your business? Feel like your digital marketing needs a refresh? Would you like more direct bookings? Or perhaps you’re looking to step UP your career with an award-winning digital agency? However you want to work with us at UP Hotel Agency, we’re always here to talk about your business needs (usually with a cup of coffee and a donut). Ping us a message – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Learning From Lockdown: A Survival Guide For Your Hotel
Written by

Tristan Theron