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Hotel Google Places Listing Claiming & Verification – How To

Hotel Google Places Listing Claiming & Verification – How To
UP Hotel Agency
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Step 1:

Navigate to:

Step 2:

Login using a Google account. It is advisable to create a Google account ( from an email address on your domain. If your website is then an address such as [email protected] is ideal.

Step 3:

Click on the option to add a new listing or business.

Step 4:

Google will now attempt to find your listing by using your country and phone number. If an existing listing already exists you will be given the option of claiming it. For popular business Google may have already created a listing from 3rd party sources. If it cannot find an existing listing then you will have the option to go ahead and create your listing.

For the best results adhere closely to the following guidelines. If you violate the guidelines this can result in your listing being removed or penalized.

Business Name: Enter your hotels name exactly as it appears offline. Do not include your location if this is not in your business name.

Business Location: Enter your hotels exact  address. Do not use a P.O. Box address and include your street number. Do not create multiple listings or use keywords in your address.

Websites and contact details: Enter your hotels phone number. Rather than use a call center, use your actual hotel front desk. Be careful of adding your mobile phone numbers if you do not want to be contacted as this number can appear next to your listing. Enter your correct website URL.

Categories: Provide at least one category. Choose brief but descriptive categories. Categories should describe what your business does and not the products it provides. Do not include location terms with your categories.

Description: Be careful to not include any words from your hotels title, address or category fields in your description. Repeating these words can result in your listing dropping into obscurity.

Step 5:

Fill out all the necessary details.

Step 6:

Fill in your hotels hours of business & Payment options

Step 7:

Upload the maximum number of photographs of your hotel. Ensure that they are appealing and high quality.


Step 8:

Upload any videos of your hotel that you may have.  Try and upload at least 2 videos of your hotel.

Step 9:

Choose method of verification. We recommended a call this is the fastest and easiest way for most hotels. In some lands the only option may be by mail. If this is the case, remember to inform the person who receives the mail to forward the pin number to you as soon as they receive the post card.

Step 10:

Confirmation. Wait for Google to contact you with verification pin.

Step 11:

Add pin.

Complete! Your business should be visible in Google local results.

You will also want to ensure that your Google Places listing is 100% complete.

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Hotel Google Places Listing Claiming & Verification – How To
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UP Hotel Agency

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