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UPDATED: Leveraging Google+ In Your Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy

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With some hailing Google+ as the Facebook killer, it is definitely worth taking note of. While it may not be a Facebook “Killer,” it definitely represents another opportunity for hotels to market themselves online.

At the moment the sign-up is very limited and only allows profiles to be created for individuals.

Business pages are however coming soon! Google’s head of Commerce and Local Jeff Huber confirmed that businesses such as hotels will be able to create a Google+ page. In the meantime make sure that your website contains a Google+1 button to begin building up those social votes.


Business pages are here. Head over to to create a Google+ page for your hotel. Google+ presents a number of exciting communication opportunities for your hotel. One the great features is the ability to segment your audience by grouping them into circles. You can thus group your audience into distinct groups based on their preferences. For instance you may create a number of circles such as: business users, leisure users, family users etc. When sharing special offers you can ensure that only the most relevant offers are seen by your followers.

Add UP Hotel Internet Marketing to your circles for more insights and tips of how to leverage Google+ Pages for your hotels marketing strategy.

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UPDATED: Leveraging Google+ In Your Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy
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