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Use Email to Encourage Repeat Bookings caret-down

A good email marketing campaign can encourage customers to return to your hotel and book directly when they do. Offering things such as loyalty discounts and refer a friend schemes will keep people coming back for more, time and time again.

Highly Customisable Email Campaigns caret-down

Whether it’s monthly email newsletters, start-to-finish email campaigns or something a little more personal, our expert digital marketing team can guide you through each step of the process. Whatsmore, our designers can create beautiful eye-catching email templates that reflect your brand perfectly.

Tailored Landing Pages caret-down

When a potential hotel guest visits your hotel website, relevant and well-written copy that includes an emotive call to action phrases will result in bookings and repeat visits. An effective landing page with straightforward selling points will allow the visitor to your hotel website to visualize themselves as hotel guest and clearly show them how to make a booking.

GDPR Compliant caret-down

GDPR compliance has become a necessity since May 2018 and with our email marketing campaigns for hotels, we can ensure you’re compliant.

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Need a new hotel website for your business? Feel like your digital marketing needs a refresh? Would you like more direct bookings? Or perhaps you’re looking to step UP your career with an award-winning digital agency? However you want to work with us at UP Hotel Agency, we’re always here to talk about your business needs (usually with a cup of coffee and a donut). Ping us a message – we can’t wait to hear from you!