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The Importance of Conversion Events on Google Ads

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Conversion events are an important bit of data for your company’s growth and success in your PPC endeavours. It allows you to point out wins and errors on your platform and allows your ads platform to gather a tonne of data to optimise your ads. 

Google Ads is hungry, the more data you feed it, the more it works for you. 

Benefits of tracking conversion events:

Types of conversions:

Even if the conversion does not result in an eCommerce value, it can be used to both measures and improve the performance of our marketing campaigns. A typical website and its core marketing strategy may have a range of different conversion actions i.e. room bookings, afternoon tea bookings, meetings rooms bookings, wedding bookings etc. A wedding form submission can result in a wedding venue booking and therefore it is an important metric to track even if it doesn’t record a predetermined eCommerce value. Not only this, different conversion data can create different audiences best suited for a specific ad. The persona of a room booker may differ significantly from a couple looking for a wedding venue. 

Here are our main conversion events:

Creating a persona with conversion goals

Google Ads allows you to choose specific conversion goals, so the campaigns performance algorithm targets the correct persona to maximise performance. 

Automated bidding strategies like max conversions or max conversion value, use the Google AI to dynamically determine who sees the ads based on how likely Google feels they are to convert,. 

The more data it has, the better it performs, with better results for our clients. Some bidding methods have data thresholds that need to be reached before they can be used.


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The Importance of Conversion Events on Google Ads
Written by

Tristan Theron