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A Brief Guide To Advertising Your Hotel On Twitter

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With over 288 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent every day, Twitter offers an exciting new channel for hotels to extend their marketing reach. Creating an official profile on Twitter and regularly Tweeting and interacting with your followers is a must for any hotel and now there are a number of new possibilities to promote your hotel. Find out how to create or manage a Twitter presence here.

Twitter’s paid search options are largely organised by marketing goal and so it is good to have a clear idea of of your marketing objectives from the word go. The various campaign types are based on he following objectives:


Choose your marketing objective from the following choices:

Twitter marketing optionsA good place to start for hotels is the goal of driving website clicks or conversions as this is very similar to the Google Adwords PPC advertising your hotel is currently using to drive traffic. We will thus be focusing on this type of campaign.

Step 1: Login in with your hotels official Twitter account here.

Step 2: Click the create new campaign button for a dropdown and choose Website clicks or conversions:

create new Twitter campaign

Step 3: Give your Campaign a name, get your conversion tracking code in place and select the start and end dates.

Step 1

Step 4: Create a new tweet with a website card or select from one of your existing tweets.

create a website card

Best practice: Use a Website Card to improve campaign performance as the card contains multiple links to your hotel website.

Step 5: Target your campaign to match your target audience i.e. a campaign advertising your spa may be more relevant to woman.


If you have a specific idea of exclusions you can also limit targeting by excluding behaviors and by excluding tailored audiences.

Excluse audience

Step 6: Enter your budget details and bidding option (Automatic bidding is a good choice to start)

budget options

Step 7: Save and monitor closely!

Well done. You have created your first Twitter Ad campaign.

If you would like the team of experts at UP to take your Twitter Advertising to the next level please contact us.


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A Brief Guide To Advertising Your Hotel On Twitter
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UP Hotel Agency

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