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How To: 10 Step Facebook Hotel Booking Mask – Hotel FB Booking Form

How To: 10 Step Facebook Hotel Booking Mask – Hotel FB Booking Form
UP Hotel Agency
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With Facebook’s new iframe functionality, a range of new possibilities have opened up for hotels to enhance their Facebook page. You can increase the value of your Facebook page with:

Not only can you add you live Twitter streams to your page and run competitions, you can also create an app that allows booking and also the display of a BAR(best available rate) widget. With a Facebook booking mask, users enjoy the same functionality of the booking mask found on your hotels website. When they Click the Book Now button they will be taken through to your hotels booking engine.

Follow the instructions below to create a Facebook Hotel booking mask:

Step 1: Code the booking mask and BAR widget.

Contact your developer for the code. Remember to not exceed the 520 width limit and code the page to be as clear and easy to use as possible. Contact us if you would like us to create your Facebook hotel booking mask.

Step 2: Sign in to Facebook and navigate to and accept the permission.

Step 3: Set up new App

Step 4: Give your App a name and  agree to the terms

Step 5: Enter the security check

Step 5: Give your App a name and description. Fill in the relevant contact details.

Step 6: Enter your site URL and domain.

Step 7:Enter the canvas tab URL (optional) and the URL where you have uploaded the file with your booking engine.

Step 8: Save changes!

Step 9: Click on application profile page

step 10: Click add to my page and choose which page you would like to add the booking mask App too


You can now move it up or down in your list of tabs on the left and even set it as your default page for all users.

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How To: 10 Step Facebook Hotel Booking Mask – Hotel FB Booking Form
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UP Hotel Agency

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